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May 13, 2014
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May 13, 2014
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“We need a logo and identity that reflects our committee to choose NO on proposition 1.”

Mic Drop worked with the committee’s already informed ideas and was able to provide a brand and logo that reflects the clean, modern approach they represent.

As a ballot initiative, there’s two sides to this debate. We wanted to be sure that our clients message was easily recognized and appealed to voters.  We did this by creating a logo that was simple, modern, and clean; but still attractive and distinctive. We looked at the marketing channels the civic group would utilize and designed around it, making sure the logo was useful as website and social media icons.

After we created the logo they were proud of, we provided a variety of files and branding messages to be used with the campaign, as well as a full style sheet that describes fonts, colors, and logo proper logo usage as a guideline. The committee is already off and running, but we’ll be available to adjust any files or design additional content at their request.

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