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May 13, 2014
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February 5, 2016
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Empower Missouri

  • TaskCreate a new brand & identity. Create correlative materials: signs, website, marketing materials. Social media & press management.

Empower Missouri is a 114 year old non-profit organization that advocates for human rights in Missouri. The site is Wordpress, it uses a highly-customized mobile-friendly responsive template as well as a responsive slider featuring animated layers, it is search engine optimized, seamlessly incorporates Google Calendar, and also features password-protected membership, board, and staff pages.


Traffic Increase

With easy-to-update content, the search ratings improved drastically.

Increase in Coverage

The increase in media coverage of the organization grew drastically.

Ave. Page Views

Page views indicate audience engagement and ease of navigation.

Increase in Global Rank

This renovation increased the site rankings drastically in the global market.

Empower Missouri, formerly known as the Missouri Association for Social Welfare, an over 100 years old non-profit, was completely re-branded by Mic Drop Communications.  Research and surveys were done to select the new name, new logo, and refine the mission of the organization.

The website has been built using responsive design principles and looks good on desktops to mobile phones.  The home page slider includes custom-built animated layers for each slide.  A Google Calendar system was created where changes to the calendar are automatically incorporated into various pages of the site.  Contributions and membership sign-ups and payments have been stream-lined